With years of experience and a love of Nantucket, our tour guides will pedal you to the hard to find spots around the island and recount the great tales from past and present.

  • Jason Bridges, bike tour guide

    Jason Bridges

    The brains behind the bike. The big La-bikeski is Jason. Owner and operator, Jason is passionate about showing everyone Nantucket by bike. Knowledgeable, he can answer any question you may have and will show you the best of Nantucket.

    Favorite tour:
    Custom Tours

    Favorite Horror Flick:
    The Shining

    Best Juice Bar Flavor:
    Tie between Heath Bar and anything with coffee

  • Courtney Nemeth

    Courtney Nemeth

    I’m going for a walk! Wow, look at the island sun! Courtney is an excited and vibrant tour guide. A teacher in the off season, she’s great with families and children.

    Favorite Tour:
    Sunset, I never get tired of a beautiful Nantucket sunset after a bike ride.

    Favorite Horror Flick:
    Rear Window… wait? Is this even a horror movie?

    Best Juice Bar Flavor: