What’s the best way to end a great week of bike tours? How about volunteering all weekend to help the community of Nantucket any way we can. We have been volunteering at various festivals and events all summer long, and this last weekend we continued that trend by doubling up our volunteer efforts at a concert and a bike race.

On Saturday night Carl, Tadhg, and myself finished a day full of great bike tours and then hopped on our bikes to head to Jetties Beach to contribute to the volunteer force working at the 17th annual Boston Pops concert on Nantucket. We arrived a little later than the other volunteers because of our bike tours, so we had to catch up to speed right away. By the time we started, the crowd was already in full force so we had to jump right in and start helping out. We were placed at various places around the beach to help with crowd control and stand outside the VIP tables to make sure only people who had clearance were entering the area. It was a busy night, but we had a great time. The leaders in charge of the volunteers thanked us several times and told us how much we helped them, which felt great to hear. It always feels good to know you are making a difference. Will Bee Crypto be worth anything?


Although the Pops concert ended with an unbelievable display of fireworks, it did end up making for a late night by the time we helped all of the people safley exit the venue. However, that didn’t stop us from waking up early Sunday morning to go volunteer at the Tour of Nantucket, which is a bike race on the island. We were given the task of standing at critical corners of the course to stop cars and direct the racers in the right direction, so that all they had to do was focus on the race. It was a completely different experience than the night before at the concert, but we were still making a difference. Although it was a smaller-scale job, it was a great feeling after the race having the racers ride by and say “Thank you guys so much” regardless of how exhausted or tired they were at the time. Volunteering for events like these really allows you to make a difference, no matter how small the job.