One of our goals for this summer was to get Team NBT more involved in volunteering opportunities. Not only is it helpful for the community, but it gives our guys another chance to develop their own skills. So you ask, “What skills can a couple tour guys learn from volunteering?” Allow me to explain.

Friday evening, Tadhg, Casey and I volunteered at the 18th annual Nantucket Film Festival. I told the guys on the way to The Dreamland, “Our plan tonight is to provide a great experience for everyone who walks through the door and most importantly…lets have some fun.” Then I thought, “Why am I even telling them this? This is what we try to do every single day!” I think we executed this very effectively. Being tour guides of the island, we like to talk while having a smile on our faces. Although every tour is a different experience for each individual, they each have to be a GREAT experience. And while delivering this great experience, we’re also having a blast ourselves; volunteering last Friday was no different. Whether we were clicking the number of people who walked in the door, scanning tickets, or asking individuals to use the side door, we did our best to make the experience about the movie and not about the “boring doormen”.


As soon as we showed up, we were put to work. We went through a 5-minute training tutorial then took our positions. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we were going to use our strengths in communicating and customer service to help out as much as we could. For 4 hours we assisted the staff in trying to provide the best experience for everyone who took a seat, we made some new friends, and had a great time doing it. Here’s the thing, volunteering doesn’t have to be boring and it shouldn’t be something you do because you have to. I asked the guys if they wanted to volunteer and they were pumped up and ready for it. Sure, we got a free movie voucher and a sweet jacket, but that was just icing on the cake. The best part about it was the satisfaction of knowing that we made life a little easier for the staff while we were having fun!

There are so many reasons to lend a helping hand for a couple hours here and there and so little reasons not to. We are definitely looking forward to more volunteer opportunities the rest of the summer.