From the moment I stepped on the island, biking was quickly built into my day-to-day routine. 5 miles to work then 5 miles back home, with a couple tours thrown in the middle, my legs adjusted in no time . This daily commute takes only 20 minutes each way.  I could choose the easy route and drive into work every day, but there are many reasons why I continue to ride. Carl on Main St

First, it’s a great way to start the day. You wake up, inhale a quick breakfast, and then take the 20-minute ride to get the heart rate up and the muscles moving ready for the day’s challenges. This routine kills two birds with one stone: sneaking in a light exercise and getting yourself to work. Second, it doesn’t cost me any more money than what it cost to purchase the bike itself. I don’t have to pay a penny for gas. Which brings me to my third and most important point; it doesn’t cost the environment anything! Instead of saving 20 minutes a day by driving a car and putting fumes into the air harming both the island of Nantucket and wildlife, I choose to get a little bit more exercise and give myself a little bit of “me” time. I think about the tasks I have to achieve that day. I think about what I am having for lunch, what I am grateful for, what my favorite ice cream is, or just enjoying the great smell and windy mornings of Nantucket! And finally, it’s one less car on the street! Everyone knows the summer months of Nantucket means traffic, traffic, traffic! One more bike to and from work means one less car on the road.

Before coming to Nantucket I never considered commuting by bike, now I’m addicted!