Easy. No Problem. What’s the big deal?

This is how I felt at the start of my first week of my winter commuting challenge. Nantucket and wind go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not this week. Smooth riding to work, around town, and back home everyday. No rain either. You might say that I became a bit cocky, but then things started to change.

Bike Shadow Milestone_0Einstein had it right. In order to not waste his brain’s energy on the process of choosing his wardrobe each day, he always wore the same thing. Following in his footsteps, I have always tried to put little thought into dressing myself. How would I prepare for two different jobs requiring different dress codes. I lived too far away to bike home between jobs. Taking 25 minutes to plan this out every morning was killing me, but part of the “challenge,” so I let it go and did my best. Tried to ride in with the fedora the first day. Ended smashing it up too much, so that was the end of that. Can’t wear the sport coat on the bike, or could I? You get the picture right?

Caffeine Alert! How do I travel with my frothy latte in its paper cup and plastic lid (compostable if you get it all at The Green)? I’m a big 10am, and sometimes 2pm, latte drinker, which used to hangout in my truck’s comfy cup holder. Tried to carry it in my left hand, which I was able to do but it slowed me down and did not allow for quick breakage if needed. So I thought, why don’t I guzzle down 1/3 of the latte and stuff it in my water bottle cage. Great idea until I had to run over potholes, half the latte ended up on my shoes.

Not really major ordeals here I know! However, these and other small situations continued to present themselves. Over time I figure this will all be figured out and become second nature, but until then I’ll continue to search for Einstein commuting on my bike.