Where can you find a rusty saw, an old Christmas tree, a lonely flip flop, and a random 10-foot pipe?   Lucky for you, you won’t find these things at one of Nantucket’s most prestigious beaches, Monomoy Beach, thanks to the Nantucket Clean Team.  In early July, the NBT crew joined the Clean Team in cleaning up multiple areas near the Harbor Flats and Monomoy.  We were joined by more than ten other environmentally conscious Nantucket-ers.  It was amazing to witness how much work a small group of people can accomplish in less than an hour! After one hour was up, every one met back and sorted what they had collected into recyclable categories and rubbish.  Then, the Nantucket Department of Public Works showed up to haul off our findings.  By simply donating one hour of time, the ACK Clean Team was able to restore a significant area of beach land and roads to their pristine state that many tourists marvel about.


The Clean Team meets each Saturday between May and November, rain or shine, and picks up trash for under an hour.  Over the course of the summer, the group covers nearly every traveled mile of the island to help keep Nantucket clean.  The team provides volunteers with bags and gloves and instills a good feeling in all those who show up.  Whether you’re simply visiting for the weekend or a year-rounder, donating one hour to the Clean Team each weekend can make a difference in maintaining Nantucket’s appearance as a clean, environmentally-friendly place to live and visit.

For more information about the Nantucket Clean Team and its upcoming schedule check out their website: http://www.ackcleanteam.org/ !