How long is the tour?
Most tours are around 2.5-3 hours. Custom tours can be as short or long as designed.
Where do we start?
All tours start at 33B Washington St across from the Maria Mitchell aquarium. Check out the map on the Contact page. Also, you will see our logo on the black mailbox at the beginning of the driveway at 33B Washington St, it’s a 3.2 min walk from Main St; we timed it!
What is included with each tour?
With each bike tour you will be provided a bike, helmet, water bottle full of water, and an energetic knowledgable guide! If you already have your bike, that’s okay too! Bringing your own bike will save you some of your hard earned cash.
Can I rent a bike from you?
Bikes are only rented for our guided tours only. If you would like to have a bike longer than our tour we suggest renting one from one of the local bike shops, we suggest two here on our website.
Can I get a fancy coffee mug or cool hat like my tour guide?
Why of course! All of our merchandise and apparel is for sale. We slap our sweet logo on everything we can to promote biking from the commuters to the Lance Armstrong wanna-be’s.
Do I need to be a talented cyclist or an elite athlete to enjoy my tour?
Absolutely not. Even if you haven’t been on a bike for years, you will enjoy these bike tours. All tours are at an enjoyable pace so you can see, smell, and experience all Nantucket has to offer.
Okay then, will it be slow and boring?
Our guides will make sure that you will be engaged, educated, and excited during and after these tours. We try our best to mix the history, nature, current news, and local gossip for each group.
Can my kids come?
Yes and no. It depends on the age and which tour. Please call or email to make sure your children will be comfortable on our tours.
What if I get a flat tire?
Then you can hold the stopwatch and time our guides as they replace your tube in no time and get the tour back on track.
What should I bring?
Camera, camera, camera. There will be lots of stops to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, historic houses, hidden gardens and ponds, and of course famous people’s houses that you won’t want to miss. So don’t forget to bring your favorite recording device. We take care of the rest.
How can I make arrangements for a charity or corporate event?
Give us a call and we will design a tour that will satisfy your group’s needs. We can include catering, arrange a bird tour, or daringly fly through the sandy back roads and trails of the moors on mountain bikes.
Should I tip my tour guide?
Not required at all, totally up to you, but we won’t refuse any!
How many people will be in my bike tour group?
We like to keep the tours small so everyone can see and hear all there is to offer here. 10-12 people is our sweet spot. The larger the group the more tour guides will be added for safety and for a better tour.
I have my own bike, can I still take a tour?
Yes! This is very common because a lot of people will have a bike for an extended period of time and will not need to rent another one. We reserve the right to refuse any bike that we believe does not meet our safety standards.
Umm, I changed my mind, can I get my money back?
Unfortunately changing your mind or not showing up on time will not get your money back in your pocket. In the case of dangerous weather conditions we may cancel the tour.  If we cancel a tour, you may reschedule based on availability or choose to receive credit for a future tour.